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Buying a Pet is it Right for You

Buying a Pet is it Right for You If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, you have to remember that this is a lifelong commitment. Preparing yourself for the responsibilities of dog- ownership is the beginning of a happy and rewarding time sharing your home with a pet. If you treat a dog well, you will be repaid with a lifetime of unquestioning devotion. With training and care, a dog will obey your commands and be a valuable part of the family. But what are the considerations? As this is a partnership and not a one-way relationship you have to consider whether you are suited to your chosen pet and vice versa. When you are considering whether to offer a home to a puppy or dog, you need to think about: Is a Dog Right For You Look carefully at what you would want from a dog, and what you could give. This applies equally whether you are thinking about getting a tiny toy Poodle or a large adult Bull Mastiff. Remember, a tiny puppy can grow into a very big dog! Your needs;

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